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While mankind has made a tremendous amount of progress in the last few millennia it seems this progress has, to some extent, driven us ever so further away from our spiritual roots in the cultures and civilizations of times gone by. We started our company, Nirvana, in 1992 with a vision to create a line of jewelry that celebrated the timeless signs and symbols of those, perhaps, more glorious times.
In achieving this vision we wanted to keep in perspective three important goals:
• First, we wanted to provide a meaning to these symbols.
• Second, we wanted our jewelry lines to be well presented.
• Finally, we wanted our products to be affordable.
To achieve this - first, we undertook a significant amount of research into the ways, beliefs and traditions of the past - both for the design ideas and for their meanings. The information we gathered is presented on accurate and easily understandable legend cards that we provide with our pendants. Next, we engaged the services of talented designers to make these cards, and the displays they are presented on, very appealing. Lastly, we decided to cast a large part of our jewelry in fine pewter so that everyday folks could easily afford it. The combination of these three factors, we believe, definitely gives our line of jewelry a very distinctive edge.
Our pewter jewelry is lead free and is cast and finished in the United States with strict adherence to environmental laws and regulations. We have developed a special finishing process that gives our pewter pendants a very distinct look that will not tarnish over time. Our silver jewelry is cast partly in the United States and partly overseas. We have exclusive contracts with our overseas casters and this enables us to exercise a very high degree of quality control. You will find our silver products to be among the finest on the market. The stones for our crystal jewelry come mostly from Brazil, where they are handpicked to assure color and quality. We believe in nature – so you will find many of our crystal pendants to be in their original rough cut state.
We hope you will like what we have done so far. This journey to the past has been an incredible one for us and its end is not yet in sight. We hope to keep bringing you fine products from these ancient cultures for years to come.
Thank you for your interest in our products and your patronage. We value it very much. Please feel free to email us at with any comments or suggestions you may have to help us serve you better.
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